1/8 ctw Leaf Motif Round Cut Diamond Petite Fashion Earring in 10K Yellow Gold
With a commendable assortment of small and stylish jewelry, the new and trending Petite Collection is a must see. This charming diamond fashion earring hails from this very collection. It features a well-sculpted 5-leaf motif that forms the body of...
1/6 ctw Square Shape Baguette and Round Cut Diamond Petite Fashion Earring in 10K White Gold.
This diamond stud earring from the new Petite collection, keeps you up to date with the latest trend. It is attractively designed in a simple square shape and stylishly laid out with a combination of baguette and round cut diamonds....
1 1/6 ctw Fleur De Lis Motif Round Cut Diamond Earring in 14K White Gold
A classy pair of Fleur De Lis motif diamond earrings, these make a sophisticated addition to your jewelry collection. The earrings feature a prominently shaped lily motif that is suspended via a latch back clasp, both of which are embellished...
3/4 Ctw Round Cut Diamond Long Earrings in 14K White Gold
These shimmering diamond earrings will radiates beauty and elegance from every angle. Fashioned in gleaming 14 karat white gold these enchanting pair of earrings is showcasing dazzling round cut diamonds that forms an elongated dangling drop design. Brilliant 138 round...
3/8 Ctw Round Cut White and Champagne Brown Diamond Earrings in 10K Rose Gold
These beautiful diamond earrings makes a true fashion statement. Crafted in luminous 10 karat rose gold these elegant pair of earrings features a cluster 14 prong set round cut champagne brown diamonds bordered with a frame of dazzling 32 pave...
1/3 ctw Pear Shape Dangler Lovebright Round Cut Diamond Earring in 14K White Gold
Petite dangler Lovebright diamond earrings, these make for a great option if you are looking for an accessory that is simple and clean. The earrings feature tiny pear shaped danglers that are embellished with round cut diamonds. There are 10...
1/10 ctw Bezel Round Cut Diamond Petite Stud Earring in 10K Yellow Gold
With a grand assemblage of delicately styled mini size jewelry pieces, the new Petite collection finds itself trending high in the jewelry category. This diamond stud earring is one of the designs from the collection. It is simple yet elegant,...
1/6 ctw Ribbon Swirl Round Cut Diamond Long Earring in 10K Rose Gold
A stylish pair of long earrings, with an attractive design and diamond layout. The earrings feature a ribbon swirl pattern, with a row of round cut diamonds separated by a plain gold patch in the middle, on one of the...
1/6 ctw Wishbone Round Cut Diamond Petite Earring in 10K White Gold
A symbol of prosperity and hope, the wishbone is often used in jewelry-making, as a charm to bring luck. This pair of diamond studs utilizes the wishbone symbol as the main structure of the earring. To highlight the beauty of...
1/4 Ctw Horn Shaped Climbers Round Cut Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold
A nice curvy, horn-shaped pair of stud earrings, this makes an interesting addition to your wardrobe. The inverted horn shape, with the pointed tip facing down lends beauty and distinctiveness to the earrings. Round cut diamonds add to the brilliant...
1 Ctw Round Cut Diamond Fashion Earrings in 14K Rose Gold
Celebrate the feeling of being in love with these charming diamond fashion earrings. Fashioned in glinting 14 karat rose gold, these open heart scroll designed earrings are embellished with 66 bezel set round cut diamonds along with the front edge...
1 1/6 Ctw Lovebright Round Cut Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold
These exquisite Lovebright diamond earrings offer great visual and aesthetic appeal. The hanging earrings feature 5 circular mounts, ascending in size as the earrings suspend down. Each of these mounts is embellished with an invisible set round cut diamond center...
1/5 ctw Pyramid Round Cut Diamond Fashion Hoop Earrings in 10K White Gold
These diamond fashion hoops do not fail to catch the eye. The earrings feature pointed pyramid shape accents that sit side by side all the way from the top front to the open end at the back. A pave set...
1 1/2 ctw Lovebright Round Cut Diamond Hoop Earrings in 14K White Gold
A gorgeous pair of Lovebright diamond hoop earrings, these can make any woman fall in love with them instantly. Each of the earrings feature 14 circular mounts, the front facing 7 of which are embellished with sparkling round cut diamonds....
1/10 ctw Star Of David Round Cut Diamond Petite Fashion Earring in 10K White Gold
The Star of David is a Jewish symbol that associates with God and is worn to have His protective hand over their head. Either worn as a sign of one's faith or as a fashion accessory by others, the star...
1/3 ctw Pear Shape Lovebright Round Cut Diamond Bezel Stud Earring in 14K White Gold
A pretty pair of Lovebright diamond earrings, these make elegant business or evening wear. The stud earrings feature a pear shape body that is beautifully decorated with dazzling round cut diamonds. There are 10 invisible set round cut diamonds on...
1/2 ctw Round Cut Diamond Stud Earring in 14K White Gold
A brilliant pair of round cut diamond stud earrings, these are a must-have in every jewelry box. The earrings are suitable for any-time wear, be it a luncheon or a grand evening event. Each stud features a 1/4 ctw dazzling...
3/4 ctw Tri-Section Lovebright Round Cut Diamond Bar Link Earrings in 14K Yellow and White Gold
The Lovebright Collection is all glamour and charm. Whatever be the piece of jewelry, it will only bring you admiration and praise, these long earrings included. It features three sections, with a round mount bottom, a twin diamond center and...
1/10 Ctw Round Cut Diamond Earrings in 10K White Gold
Enthrall your sweetheart with these magnificent Diamond Earrings. Styled in glistening 10 karat white gold, these earrings showcases two interlocked white gold hearts bejeweled with 2 brilliant round cut inset diamonds, beautifully prong set. Total diamond weight is 1/10 ctw.
1 Ctw Pear Shape Accent Lovebright Round Cut Diamond Long Earring in 14K Yellow and White Gold
The Lovebright Collection offers a magnetism that draws anyone and everyone to its alluring assemblage. This pair of diamond long earrings comes from the mesmerizing collection. It showcases a long bar with rounded tips, and an pear shape mount at...
1/10 ctw Split & Twisted Rope and Round Cut Diamond Huggie Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold
Huggie earrings are unique and lend an individual touch to your looks. Try these for a style upgrade! Also, with the yellow gold trend back in a major way, these diamond huggie earrings offer even greater appeal. The huggie earrings...
1/6 Ctw Round Cut Diamond Paper Clip Earring in 14K Yellow Gold
A mundane everyday use item, the paper clip gets an all-new look in the form of jewelry. Paper clip inspired jewelry is hot on trend this season and a must-have which can give you an attractive look. It features a...
1/4 ctw Scatter Round Cut Diamond Fashion Earring in 14K White Gold
A new and hot favorite this season is the scatter diamond collection, from which this charming pair of fashion earrings originates. Attractive and stylish, it makes for an instant choice. The stud earring features a random layout of round cut...
10 ctw Round Cut Diamond In & Out 1 1/2 Inch Hoop Earrings in 14K White Gold
With jewelry, you can always create your own looks that define your personality. Making a pick from a range of designs, allows you to get creative and generate unique results. A fashionable selection would be this diamond hoop earring, which...
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